STAGE 0. Tangier - Asilah

First thing in the morning we have embarked at the port of Algeciras towards Tangier Med.

The customs formalities have been carried out in an agile way (for a large group like ours).

A short motorway ride has brought us to Asilah. At the hotel we have met the rest of the participants who have arrived by direct ferry from Barcelona.

There are students from many places in Spain, Portugal and including Andorra!

All the teams have passed the technical verifications and are ready to start this great adventure ... the African challenge has begun!!

STAGE 1. Asilah – Midelt

Today we have disputed the first Stage: more of 500 km (not bad to start)...

We have gone from less to more: first highway, then main road, and secondary road, to end with a section of several hours per track (rivers to wade, abandoned mines, and bridges… made of wood!

It was the first contact with the "African" driving mode.

Incredible landscapes: we have crossed the Atlas mountains with some remains of snow ... -but we did not come to the desert?.

It was also the first experience with the road book: although it seems easy, it is not: distances, compass bearings, references ... and that we have not yet reached the desert.

The night at the hotel is greatly appreciated (it's pretty cold here).

In tonight's briefing everyone watch out ... tomorrow the adventure begins in earnest. ¡Glups!!

STAGE 2. Midelt - Merdani

How right they were yesterday, when they told us "tomorrow the adventure begins in earnest". We have already entered the desert and have suffered the first jams in dunes and difficulties in navigation.

After a fantastic breakfast at the hotel at 5:30h… aghhhh…!!, a section of road and ... suddenly sand and more sand ... after some huge palm groves nothing, but nothing at all ... just desert and dunes and more dunes!

First cars stuck, and first alliances between teams to overcome difficult stretches. After both pushing cars and digging with the shovel, today we will sleep flat ...

Navigation has not been easy either ... this compass has its what, and used to technology, It has been a lot of fun, (and a cure of humility too :))

It has been many hours to reach the camp, but the effort has been worth it. Today we sleep in a tents camp in an incredible place: surrounded by huge dunes and under millions of stars ... is the Erg Chebbi ... Spectacular!.

Shower, price, briefing and new warning: "Tomorrow more and better". This paints but very well ...!!

STAGE 3. Merdani - Erg Chebbi

Today we have played the shortest stage, but also the most difficult. More of 10 hours to complete 120 km along the route that was the stage of the Dakar in 1996… quite an adventure!

After several days of raid, Today more than ever we have seen clearly that if we do not work as a team ... we do not advance.

Today's itinerary has been simply brutal… spectacular landscapes, full navigation, sand and more sand ... laughs, emotion and companionship. The UNIRAID spirit in essence!!.

One of the most exciting moments of the day, it was at sunset, when we have delivered a large part of the solidarity material to the students and teachers of the schools in this desert region.
The association "Tous pour la Región Taouz" has organized a convoy to our camp and the evening has been exciting for everyone.
Today we have accomplished one of the important objectives of UNIRAID, the Solidarity.

But we did not relax… because in the briefing they have already insisted again… “tomorrow, more and better".

This promises, and a lot! :-)))

STAGE 4. Erg Chebbi - Dinosaur

Today we started very early as usual. If yesterday we already crossed large rivers of sand and learned to navigate, with which we all feel a bit like raid pilots… which today has been simply incredible!.

Navigation sectors with many kilometers and with the only help of a compass (no visual references), infinite dune descents and pass through impossible gorges ... the desert in its purest state.

And to complete it, the camp is located in the valley of the dinosaurs, (named after the fossils of these animals that it houses), under the shelter of a large dune.

Time accompanies, and the nights are of great beauty. The absence of mountains and light pollution, make the sky a great starry vault with the Milky Way perfectly defined in the background.
There is little left to get to Marrakech, and we are enjoying every minute of this unforgettable adventure.
Greetings and thanks for following!

PD. Today's video begins with images of the delivery of solidarity material from the stage 3, that for reasons of time we couldn't edit yesterday. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

STAGE 5. Dinosaur– Taghbalt

STAGE 6. Taghbalt – Marrakech