11the edition - ffebruary 2022 - Open enrollment

11th edition: from 12 th to 20 February 2022

For this edition we have prepared a spectacular new itinerary which is both fun and allows you to experience an unforgettable adventure, discovering that your limits are far beyond what others tell you.


  1. Transport solidarity materials: The organization will facilitate the transport of solidarity material from the beginning of the journey in Azrou to the village wich has been designated to receive our help, where each team will deliver its own material.
  2. Marathon stage: Two days in a spectacular wilderness area wich is demanding in terms of navigation. (Free night camping under the stars)
  3. Night navigation stage: If navigating by day is difficult, Imagine at night. It will not be easy, but it will be a great adventure and together we will succeed!
  4. Stage in the Atlas (first day): In addition to the dunes and sand rivers, it is very likely that we face snow covered slopes and mud at 2,200m altitude.


The starting point is Tangier. After crossing the interior of Morocco, through the Atlas mountains, where we deliver school supplies and materials to villages previously selected by the Organization, we then continue Southbound, towards the dunes of the Erg Chebbi.

We cross the desert following the ancient route of the Paris-Dakar, to get to Marrakech, the most beautiful imperial city of North Africa, where we will spend a day sightseeing and end the tour UNIRAID 2022. We then return to Tangier to take the ferry back home.

In total, 6 stages that combine driving on mountain roads, tracks, sand and dunes. sleeping 2 nights in hotel, and 5 in organized camps in the middle of the desert), and 1 night, the marathon stage, free camping surrounded by dunes.

The challenge: To overcome 6 stages with only one "roadbook", a map and a compass (without GPS or electronic devices), aboard a car over 20 years old, overcoming natural obstacles and various tests of skill and strategy proposed by the Organization.


UNIRAID is organized by IRIDIS TRAVEL, a travel agency specialized in adventure travels, with more than 30 years of experience designing routes through the deserts of Africa.

Our main objective is to offer a journey with the maximum security measures, maintaining the spirit of solidarity and adventure at all times


Saturday: Tangier - Meknes

Sunday: Meknes - Kerrandou (stage 1)

Monday: Kerrandou - Arfoud (stage 2)

Tuesday: Arfoud - Erg Chebbi (stage 3)

Wednesday: Erg Chebbi - (marathon stage - day 1)

Thursday: (marathon stage - day 2) - Tinzouline

Friday: Tinzouline - Marrakech (stage 6)

Saturday: Marrakech - Marrakech

Sunday: Marrakech - Tangier


Mechanical assistance is one of the services most valued by all students participating in UNIRAID.

Our team made up of more than 30 professionals, 4x4 cars, vans, "broom cars" ... works the 24 hours of the day to solve the problems and breakdowns that may arise during the itinerary, because from the Organization, we want all students to be able to live and enjoy this unique experience.

UNIRAID is one of the few events of this type that includes mechanical assistance at Registration.


Despite participating with very old cars and without the help of GPS, the Organization uses the latest advances to ensure the safety of all participants: All participating teams are geolocated via satellite.

In the technical checks it is installed in each car, a device that allows the Organization to know the geolocation, speed, indidencias, etc, of each team, in order to intervene in case of need.

Because we want you to live the adventure ... and nothing more than the adventure.


Some stages of UNIRAID run through the old Dakar routes.

We always look for the most spectacular settings and far from civilization.

And at nightfall, our own camps await us, equipped with maximum comfort, in the middle of the desert.


UNIRAID reaffirms its environmental and sustainability commitment to the population and environment of Morocco. For this reason, carry out the actions detailed below, both to raise awareness among the participants, as to achieve the environmental objective of "Zero Impact":

  • Hiring of local companies to carry out a comprehensive cleaning of the camps and the environment.
  • Strict prohibition to leave any type of residue. (under penalty).
  • At each stage the Organization delivers biodegradable plastic bags to the participating teams, and organize its collection and subsequent responsible treatment in the camps.
  • In addition to the installation of bins and containers in the camps.
  • Use of recycled materials (road books and other recyclable or biodegradable items,..)
  • Disposal of single-use packaging and consumables.

All with the aim that the passage of UNIRAID is sustainable and respectful of the Moroccan environment.. That the only thing we leave behind are the gratitude and smiles of the recipients of our projects and solidarity material.


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