Complete the online pre-registration form you will find below. We will send you the information and the pre-registration dossiers to complete: teamsheet, check-list, and payment method of pre-registration.
Payment of pre-registration to secure your place in UniRaid 2021 and to receive the dossier preparation of the car and certificate of participation, that will give you credibility when seeking sponsors.
Procure sponsors, prepare your car and collect a minimum of 40kg of supportive materials
Complete all requirements of registration before the deadline provided by the organization and you are ready to live the solidarity adventure that will change your life . Welcome to UniRaid 2021!!!

UNIRAID is an exclusive journey for students, to participate you must meet the following requirements:
A team must consist of two people.

  • To be a student and between 18 and 28 year old.
  • Have a B driving license
  • Have a valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.
  • To participate with a car over 20 years old. (No 4x4 vehicles are permitted). Remember that you can pre-register before having the car.

However, If you want to participate and do not meet one of essential requirements, such as being a student or below 28 years old, you can participate but in the "Master" category (not scoring in the stages). Contact us and we will inform! (LIMITED PLACES)


Registration includes all the essentials that you could need and don't spend more than few dirhams in Morocco.
The goal is that you focus on what matters most: follow the "roadbook", getting stuck in the sand (this will surely happen!) and make the most of this adventure! (surely you will).
Thus, Registration includes:

  1. Hotels in Morocco in Half Board (breakfast and dinner - excluding drinks).
  2. Own camps in the middle of the desert with half board (breakfast and dinner - excluding drinks).
  3. Transport vehicle and the two participants ferry, round trip. (Algeciras - Tanger)
  4. Personal insurance travel assistance 24h
  5. Mechanical support the 24 hours in Moroccan territory, within the route proposed by the Organization, between Azrou and TangerMed
  6. Vehicles opening and closing broom tracks and roads every day of UNIRAID
  7. Technical support, sanitary and mechanical throughout the test.
  8. Book own path (Road Book) and daily briefings.
  9. The support of the organization is done from the start of UNIRAID until the end of the same, in the port of Tangier.
  10. Logistics and organization of own camps
  11. Professional marketing assistance for issues related to sponsorships for teams.
  12. Collaboration with the media prior to departure, during and after the test.

  1. The fuel
  2. The parts
  3. Midday meals
  4. Drinks in hotels and camps
  5. The route connecting the towns of origin of each team to Algeciras.
  6. Rental equipment satellite geolocalizacion (required): 55€
  7. Service commercial crane (asphalt)
  8. The repatriation of the vehicle.
  9. Anything not specified in paragraph INCLUDES

  • REDUCED REGISTRATION: until the 15 July 2020
  • NORMAL REGISTRATION: from 16 July 2020 th to 31 from December to 2020
  • CANCELLATIONS WITH RIGHT TO RETURN: before the 31 from December to 2020 (see conditions below)


If you register and the end so it can not come down and we agreed to communicate it within, refund the amount paid within a maximum period of 30 days, according to the following cancellation policy:

  • Before the 15/12/2020, cancellation of registration will involve a banking and management fees € 100
  • Between 16/12/2020 and the 31/12/2020 included, They carry a penalty of the 50% on the amount paid
  • From 01/01/2021 You will not be entitled to a refund.

If you decide to cancel your registration, You must notify us via email at:

If you want to register, fill and send the form to the side of the page and we will contact you to explain all the details you need.

    • REDUCED REGISTRATION:1.790€ per team
      (2 people and a car): Preregistration 400 € (before the 15 July 2020) and 1.390 before the 31 from December to 2020. (+discount € 100 repeater equipment)

    • NORMAL REGISTRATION:1.890€ per team
      (2 people and a car): Preregistration 400 € (later than the 15 July 2020) and 1.490 before the 31 from December to 2020. (+discount € 100 repeater equipment)

  • + BEACON RENTAL satellite tracking (required): Supplement 55 € (payable before the 31 from December to 2020, along with the inscription)

LIMITED PLACES. (Guaranteed seats only for teams who have paid the 50% of the total enrollment before the 01/12/2020, provided they have places available).


NOTE: We will use your information only to send the information you requested. I never send advertising or share your data. (Watch Privacy Policy)


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