UNIRAID is not a rally or a sprint, is an educational adventure for students is carried out entirely by Morocco.

You do not need any special preparation to participate: a pair of simple modifications and a good review, and you already have your sidekick ready to live this solidarity adventure!

Punctuate ranking mileage, special tests of skill and guidance, solidarity material tests each stage (and, and,.. or in the middle of the desert you pound exams!)
Many will say "you're crazy", "It is not possible", "You do not get" ...
To cross the desert with a car over 20 years old, along the routes of the Dakar, with a compass and a map? ... crazy ... impossible!

As the first step to prove to them and yourself, "If you can" is looking for and prepare the car.

A car over 20 years circulating in the desert?
There are several reasons:

  • Very low cost, It is a good reason especially for students. If we accept 4x4 cars, It would no longer be an "impossible challenge"
  • Reliability and robustness- as have simple mechanics are easier to repair.
  • Lightweight (you'll see how important it is, when you have to unclog sand)
  • Low consumption.

Any doubts about what make and model to choose ... contact us!


Remember that the most important thing is not Car, but your attitude and enthusiasm to meet this challenge.
The vehicle must meet the following requirements:

  • The car must have a minimum of 20 years old (Date of first registration).(*)
  • No cars are allowed 4x4.
  • The preparation is free, provided that the engine is the source (except authorized cases)(*).
  • The car must meet safety regulations required by the Road Traffic.
  • You must have ITV last, Green Card insurance and the corresponding.
  • There is no limitation as to the decoration of the vehicle, except the space reservation for UNIRAID bib and official stickers, and provided they do not contravene the rules of the Highway Code. In fact, participating cars are real fancy stuff design and ingenuity.

If you have any questions about the preparation of the car (replacement tires, auxiliary lights, SKID ...), or do not meet the requirements marked with an asterisk, it is best to consult us, and we will be happy to help!
UNIRAID Organization reviews the itinerary several times, which is designed anew for each edition (roads, tracks and stretches of desert route), to ensure their viability, and safety of all participants.

As you have formalized the pre-registration, we will send you a dossier on preparing CAR, with details of the equipment required and recommended.