The SOLIDARITY is one of the great values ​​promoted UNIRAID.

Thus, part of the project to participate includes the provision and delivery of a minimum of 40 kilos of supportive material by each equipment for associations, schools and villages in remote areas of the desert.

This material may be humanitarian type (clothing, shoes, toys...) the school (notebooks, pencils, backpacks ...).

In addition to the supportive materials, also you can participate by creating your own project individually or coordinated with other teams, as long as it is sustainable and provide a real benefit to the target community of the project.

If you have your own charity project, You must be submitted to the Organization UNIRAID for approval before the 1 from December.

As an example, in previous editions, participants UniRaid:

  • They have made delivery of solar ovens in areas of the desert devoid of firewood.
  • They designed, designed and equipped a palm plantation with drip irrigation system powered by solar energy.
  • They have created and equipped computer classrooms in several schools located in remote areas of the desert (more of 100 laptops in three editions).
  • They have contributed to an association of women in a small border village with Algeria, sewing machines automatic number so they can improve their living conditions and those of their families through the manufacture and sale of clothing
  • They have equipped a well in a remote area with a modern water extraction system, which will facilitate the creation of an oasis and production dates.
  • They have replaced inefficient and expensive lighting system several schools for modern systems of solar panels and LED lights, which will reduce them in 90% the cost of light.
  • Bikes have been delivered and set up two repair shops equipped with spare parts and tools.
  • Several have been delivered wheelchairs to persons with limited mobility, and several more examples ...


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